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Theatrical Marketig & Distribution

Theatrical Distribution & Marketing

Theatrical Releases

Cinema Entertainment Group offers all traditional release patterns, including exclusive, limited, and wide releases. We can also widen exclusive and limited release patterns based on a film’s initial performance. CEG has the ability to secure screens at all cinema circuits, including national, regional, and local markets. We are also capable of negotiating and executing theater rental release patterns.

Our scope of abilities includes booking theaters, overseeing weekly holdovers, negotiating film rental terms and collections. We also manage all trailer and movie delivery logistics
Cinema Entertainment Group can either oversee the client’s marketing plan or develop and implement a marketing plan on the client’s behalf.


Business Development

Location Services

Decades of experience enables CEG to properly understand an individual market’s demands and to specifically evaluate the positives and negatives of a proposed location.

Feasibility Studies

Cinema Entertainment Group can develop a feasibility study for use in presentations to banks, partners, and other investors. The feasibility study includes a complete demographic report and analysis, 10 years projected P&L statements and incorporates industry research data from the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and National Association of Theater Owners (NATO).

Business Planning

Feasibility studies can be expanded to include fully developed business plans. CEG will work with the client in developing the business plan including:  management and staffing requirements, marketing strategy/plan, operation and growth plans, and competitive market analysis. CEG will work closely with the client to develop a realistic budget for the actual development and operation of the cinema.

Branding & Marketing Development

Cinema Entertainment Group can develop a branding identity and create marketing materials for the client's use in presenting their project to major studios, potential partners and customers.

Business Management


Executive Management Training

CEG can work with your company to develop a training program for your home office executives and personnel that will enable them to efficiently operate on a current basis and to plan for the future growth of the company. We can train on-site at your location or we can make available a currently operating state-of-the-art multiplex cinema in another location.

Audit & Evaluations

Our operations department will review your current income and expenses and produce a detailed summary of what improvements can be made and offer a plan of how to implement these improvements. We can also conduct an onsite evaluation of a location’s operation and provide an in-depth review of that venue’s current business state.

Complete Venue Management

CEG can manage and operate your cinema on your behalf, including all film, operations and accounting responsibilities. We will conduct the venue’s business on a daily basis and provide you with a weekly report of all income and expenses.

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Cinema Opeations


Film Booking

Cinema Entertainment Group's expert film department has decades of experience working with studios for access to major and independent film releases and specializes in programming the correct mix of films in order to maximize attendance. CEG will program your cinema on a weekly basis, ensuring that new films are selected, contracted and delivered on a reliable basis. The service encompasses all aspects of film, including terms negotiation, weekly film changes, shipping logistics, and all film remittance accounting.

Regional Marketing Services

Cinema Entertainment Group provides marketing and Social Media services including web site design and support.  Our team can assist in building your digital media profile with the focus on streamlining marketing costs, getting your business more exposure and creating endless opportunities to connect with your guests.

Film Studio Relations

Decades of close studio relationships enable CEG to provide our clients' direct access to meetings with studio executives. CEG's team can assist the client in the presentation of future projects to all the major studios, helping to gain their acceptance and support of the upcoming locations. 

Operations Staffing Training

Our expert operations consultants can assist the client in screening, qualifying and hiring cinema staff. CEG offers a training program that will prepare the cinema management and operations staff both before and during the grand opening. We will also support operations through the first week of business.

Grand Openings / Special Event Services

Our operation team can help plan and coordinate the client's grand opening and other special events. CEG's close relationships with the major studios can be leveraged to acquire studio support for these events.

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